Grand Vicaire Paquet

Grand Vicaire Paquet

Maple cream ale

The Grand Vicaire Paquet a maple cream ale 6% alc./vol. produced since 2017 in partnership with le Nouvo Caveau and Sucrerie Chiasson from Paquetville.

Type : Maple cream ale

6% acl./vol.

Availability : Regular product

Price 750 ml : 10.21 $


Born in Québec City, Bishop Jean-Marie Paquet became parish priest of Caraquet in 1848 and planned its church construction which began in 1857. In the 1860s, he became Grand-Vicar of the Chatham diocese. Honoring his name, four years after his death in 1869, Paquetville was founded.

This beer is a maple cream ale whose style has been developed in North America and is most often produced in light and well attenuated versions. We used Lager yeasts at a fermentation temperature that would normally be applied to ale yeasts.