The First Acadian Distillery

It all began in 2012 in the Acadian Peninsula, in Petit-Paquetville, New Brunswick.

It was during a family reunion in Caraquet in 2011 that the idea of starting a distillery was launched. The following year, Distillerie Fils du Roy was born. Sébastien Roy and his mother Diane Roy began the development of two first products: Gin Thuya and Absinthe La Courailleuse. The main objective was to provide excellent quality spirits at an affordable price to New Brunswickers. Very quickly, the products were noticed and reached international markets.

Among the Pioneers in Québec

In 2015, the passion for distillation spread in the family, a second distillery is born in Quebec. Jonathan Roy, brother of Sébastien and son of Diane, opened a second distillery under the same name in Saint-Arsène, in Québec’s Bas-St-Laurent region. This allows flagship products to cross the border and has led to the development of new products.

The small family distillery cultivates several ingredients to ensure quality spirits. The care that we put in our gardens is reflected in the unique taste of our local products. The climate of our region plays an important role in the tastes and personality of our different spirits.

In 2022, Distillerie Fils du Roy Qc transitioned to the brand Champ Gauche.

Truly local products start with local ingredients

It was in 2018 that chemist Josée Boudreau joined Sébastien and Diane Roy to start Maison Fils du Roy, a new addition to the “Fils du Roy” ecosystem.

With complementary activities such as malting, yeast production and laboratory research and development, Maison Fils du Roy works closely with Distillerie Fils du Roy as well as with other craft breweries and distilleries in the province (and beyond).

The mission of this young company is simple: To substitute imports and create economic opportunities in our community, while leaving the least possible impact on the environment.

The company’s first business activity was the construction of a malting plant in 2019/2020, which now operates under the name “Proud Maritime Malthouse” and supplies base malt to breweries and distilleries across the province.