Courailleuse – NB


New York International Spirits Competition

New York International Spirits Competition

2015 Gold

Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit

2014 Silver

International Spirits Challenge

2014 Bronze

San Francsisco World Spirit Competition

2013 Silver

International Spirits Challenge

2013 Bronze

Courailleuse – NB


Absinthe is a spirit made using a very bitter plant known scientifically as ” Artemisia absinthium ”. It is a corn alcohol redistilled in the presence of various botanicals, including large and small wormwood, anise, fennel, hyssop, lemon balm and peppermint. Each vintage is made in a 300 liter copper still but the master distiller who separates the distillate: head, heart, tail.
At the very beginning, when the Fils du Roy distillery was more an idea than reality, the vision was that the Distillerie Fils du Roy would be an exclusively Absinthe-producing distillery.

Type : Absinthe

72% acl. / vol.

Availability : Regular product available in New Brunswick Liquor stores and in our boutique in Petit-Paquetville

Price 750 ml : 64.29$

Price 50 ml ; 4.99$


This product must be appreciated with caution.

To enjoy the Courailleuse, mix one volume with five volumes of water. In competitions, judges usually drink their absinth at 12 % alc. / vol. The higher the strenght in alcohol, the more certain flavors may remain trapped in alcohol, once diluted with water, the aromas will be released and can be appreciated at their fair value. 

There’s a reason for the 72 % alcohol by volume. La courailleuse is an interpretation of an original absinthe. Traditionnally, green absinthe was colored by maceration of herbs (small and large wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm and others). In fact, the green color comes from the chlorophyll of the plants used for its production. For this color to be stable, its content must be at least 70% alcohol by volume.


Anise and herbal


The anise is dominant with herbal notes turning to bitterness over time

Why courailleuse?

“Courailleuse” is the one who seeks romantic adventures. We hope that this herbaceous and bitter absinthe will charm you. Our product in inspired by a recipe and production techniques from 1854 found in the archives of the Paris library.

Our wish is that you also fall under the charm of the Courailleuse and she can satisfy your curiosity.