Courailleuse Quebec


Berlin International Spirit Competition

Berlin International Spirit Competition

2017 Gold

Berlin International Spirit Competition

Canada Liqueur Distillery of the Year

London international Wine and spirit competition

2017 Silver

Courailleuse Quebec


The majority of the aromatics used in this product are grown in Saint-Arsène in the gardens of the distillery.

To ensure a faithful reproduction of absinthe, the distillery uses techniques that date back to 1850. The green shade of this absinthe is obtained by the extraction of chlorophyll naturally contained in plants. This so-called living coloration will follow the same cycle as a leaf. Initially, the color will be a bright lime green. As you get older, the color will turn yellow and end up like a leaf that has fallen from the tree in brownish hues.

No artificial flavor and no added sugar. Several herbs grown in the gardens of Saint-Arsène are used in the distillation of the Courailleuse in Quebec; great wormwood, small wormwood, lemon balm, hyssop, peppermint and spearmint.

Type : Absinthe

72% alc. / vol.

Disponibility : According to the harvests

Price 750 ml : 78.75$


Absinthe The Courailleuse is the first product imagined by the Distillerie Fils du Roy. It was made from a recipe from the 1850s found in the archives of the Paris library. It is a faithful reproduction, and uses vintage manufacturing techniques.

Forbidden in France since the beginning of the 20th century, it took almost 100 years for it to regain interest. At the time, it has the reputation of provoking madness among its consumers. This does not prevent the greatest artists of the 19th century to take it for muse.

Today, in addition to New Brunswick production, the Quebec distillery also offers the Courailleuse to consumers. Although both share the same recipe, the terroir distinguishes the two products, since the ingredients come from their respective gardens.