Oyster Stout

The Beausoleil is an oyster stout resulting from a partnership between Distillerie Fils du Roy of Petit-Paquetville and Maison Beausoleil of Neguac. A fairly substantial dark ale with restrained roasty characteristics.

Type : Oyster stout

5.0 % acl. / vol.

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Dark brown in color with ruby highlights when held up to light. Almost opaque. Moderate off-white head with good to fair retention.



Malt aroma with mild roastiness is evident. Also shows some non-roasted malt character in support (caramelly, grainy, bready, nutty, toffee-like). Hop aroma moderate. Fruity esters moderate. No diacetyl.



Malt flavor includes a mild roastiness and a significant caramel, nutty, and/or toffee character. Hop flavor moderate. Medium-low hop bitterness will balance from slightly malty to slightly bitter. There is no diacetyl. Moderate fruity esters.



Medium-light body. Moderately low carbonation.


“Beausoleil” pays tribute to Joseph Brossard (Broussard), said BEAUSOLEIL, who was a settler, militiaman, born in 1702 at Port-Royal (Annapolis Royal, N.-E.). Joseph Brossard is still acclaimed for his bravery as leader of the Acadian resistance from the top of the Petitcodiac River at the time of the deportation, especially by the Acadians of Louisiana, where he became a legend. The painting of Joseph Brossard said Beausoleil is the work of Raynald Basque.