Capt. Craig

Capt. Craig

Brown ale

The Capt. Craig is a Brown Ale 5.5% alc./vol.

Type : Brown Ale

5.5 % acl./vol.

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Reddish-brown color. Clear. Low off-white head.



Light, sweet malt aroma with toffee, nutty and/or caramel notes. A light but appealing fresh hop aroma. A light fruity ester aroma is evident, but is not dominant. No diacetyl.



Gentle malt sweetness, with a nutty, lightly caramelly character and medium-dry. Malt has a toasted, cookie, toffee-like character. Medium-low bitterness. Malt-hop balance is nearly even, with hop flavor low. Some fruity esters are present; low diacetyl.



Medium-light body. Medium-low carbonation.


At the beginning of the past century, huge ships, coming from unknown regions, sailed in the Chaleur Bay and entered its farthest estuaries. When they approached the coasts, these ships lowered their sails and they flew their flag in order to have an experienced pilot to bring them as near as possible to the shore, as in these times, there was no lighthouse, or buoy, or any other indication for the sailors, and no wharf. After dropping the anchor, they boarded a small boat and they went looking for furs.

The First Nation villages were especially coveted by these sea marauders, who looked at the inhabitants as vulnerable, thus easy to exploit. After exchanging a few of their precious pelts for fancy goods and other items that had no value whatsoever, they gave them alcohol, then they even stole all their furs. The most notorious of these pirates was certainly Captain Craig. He spoke the First Nations dialect quite well, as he visited them every year.