Caraquet Flyer

Caraquet Flyer

Ice beer

The Caraquet Flyer is an Ice beer 8.5% alc./vol. A strong, full-bodied, rich, and malty dark German lager with a viscous quality and strong flavors. Even though flavors are concentrated, the alcohol should be smooth and warming, not burning.

Type : Ice beer

8.5 % acl./vol.

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Price 750 ml : 14.25 $


Deep copper in color, with attractive ruby highlights. Long fermentation should provide good clarity. Head retention may be moderate. Ivory colored head. Pronounced legs are evident.



Dominated by a balance of rich, intense malt and a definite alcohol presence. No hop aroma. Has significant malt-derived dark fruit esters. Alcohol aromas should not be harsh or solvents-like.



Rich, sweet malt balanced by a significant alcohol presence. The malt can have Maillard products, toasty qualities, some caramel. No hop flavors. Hop bitterness just offsets the malt sweetness enough to avoid a cloying character. Has significant malt-derived dark fruit esters. The alcohol should be smooth, not harsh or hot, and should help the hop bitterness balance the strong malt presence. The finish should be of malt and alcohol. It should not by sticky, syrupy or cloyingly sweet.



Full-bodied. Low carbonation. Significant alcohol warmth without sharp hotness. Very smooth without harsh edges from alcohol, bitterness, fusels, or other concentrated flavors.


Caraquet Flyer was a train that linked the Acadian Peninsula to Halifax, which really helped the economy of the Acadian Peninsula at the end of the 1800. We do a freeze distillation, a process during which a solution is enriched by removing the partially frozen material that is poorer in dissolved material than the liquid portion left behind. In our case a frozen water portion is discarded while the alcohol and sugar are concentrated.