L’Eau d’Aout

L’Eau d’Aout

Grain spirit (Young whisky)

L’eau d’Août is a spirit of grain, a young whisky, inspired by the practice of solera. Solera is a method of raising wine, beer, vinegar and spirits, in which a fraction of the product is removed and replaced with fresh product. Thus, the average age of the finished mixture gradually increases as the process goes on. Since 2013, a young whisky is added each year to barrels containing older whisky. The mixture can not be called whisky because this appelation is reserved for products that have been aged for at least three years.

Type : Grain spirit (young whisky)

40% acl. / vol.

Availability : Available yearly at the boutique in Petit-Paquetville on August 1st, while stocks last

Price 750 ml : 45.00$

Why “L’eau D’août”?

A very small batch of Eau d’Août is released on August 1st of each year.