Strong Nut-brown Ale

The Évangéline is a Strong Nut-brown Ale 7.5% alc./vol.

A Philadelphia-Acadian is a cocktail made by combining half and half of Spruce beer (Gabriel) and Brown-hazelnut beer (Evangéline).

Type : Strong Nut-Brown Ale

7.5 % acl./vol.

Availability : Regular product

Prix 750 ml : 10.21 $


Dark brown in color with reddish highlights, with an SRM of 15 near the Nut-brown color.



Malty-sweet, with a rich aroma of caramel with toffee character. Moderated fruity notes. Hops are there to balance the taste of malt, but only in the background. A light fresh aroma of hops to nicely balance the overall.



A dominant caramel flavor with a toffee character. There are sweet malty notes which linger till the aftertaste. Biscuit notes, light coffee / light chocolate, hazelnut, fruity. The bitterness is low which balances its sweetness, not to be too sweet.



A medium body. The residual sugars should provide a feeling heavier than light beers. Carbonation is light. The beer has a light astringency due to the dark malts.


Evangéline (English: Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie) is an epic poem by Henry W. Longfellow which tells about the Deportation of the Acadians. Originally published in 1847, the poem has great success in the United States, promoting the identity of the American, French Canadian, and many communities, contributing especially to the creation of the founding myth of the Acadian identity from the Maritimes. Evangéline Bellefontaine, daughter of Bénédict Bellefontaine is ‘pride and joy of the village’ and is the beloved of Grand-Pré. Her beauty and generosity are the admiration of all. During the hot days of harvest, for example, she brings to the workers a drink she prepares herself.  Evangéline Bellefontaine and her lover, Gabriel Lajeunesse, are forced to separate shortly after their engagement because of the Deportation. The heroin travels through America in search of her lover but eventually moved to Philadelphia to work with the poor as a nurse.

The days, the months, the years follow one another… but Gabriel is unfound. At an advanced age, Evangéline finally abandoned her dream to find Gabriel. Nevertheless, she always keeps him in his prayers.  One day she finds Gabriel among the sick and he dies in her arms after a short exchange of their love.