Gin Thuya Quebec


Denver International Spirit Competition

Denver International Spirit Competition

2018 Silver

Gin Thuya Quebec

Dry Gin

Gin Thuya tastes very boreal. Thuya means cedar in Latin, it is this same cedar that is used to make hedges in Quebec. On the mornings of distillation, freshly cut cedar branches is added in the still

Type : Dry Gin

45% alc. / vol.

Disponibility : Regular product

Prrice 750 ml : 39.75$


Thuya gin will present cedar very markedly. Subsequently, citrus notes will accompany the cedar. Finally, a little taste of cinnamon will come to soften the alcohol.


During his second trip to Canada in 1535, Jacques Cartier saw his crew decimated by scurvy. 25 of his 110 men die. Cartier himself is reached. His distrust of Aboriginal communities means that he does not say anything about his troops’ health, but after a while he has no choice but to ask for help.

Aboriginals do not take advantage of the situation. On the contrary, they prepare a tea with leaves of a local conifer. The effect of the medication is fast and amazing; in just a few days, even the men judged dying are completely restored.

The conifer in question is known today as Western Thuja or Thuja occidentalis. Cartier gave the plant the name of arborvitae, Latin for “tree of life” and he made a big deal of it on his return to France.

Today, in addition to Quebec distillery production, New Brunswick also offers Thuya to consumers. Although both share the same recipe, the terroir distinguishes the two products, since the ingredients come from their respective gardens.