Grande Bagosse Al Capone


Denver International Spirit Competition

Denver International Spirit Competition

2018 Gold

International Wine and Spirit Competition

2017 Silver

Berlin International Spirit Competition

2017 Bronze

Grande Bagosse Al Capone


This vodka is made with barley and rye from Bas-St-Laurent, combined with whiskey yeasts. Al Capone’s Grande Bagosse is a blend vodka. The base is an industrial vodka and a portion of vodka is distilled on site according to taste.

The copper stills of the distillery produce vodka with a slight grain taste that persists beyond charcoal filtration.

Type : Vodka

40% alc. / vol.

Disponibility : 1 500 bottles/year

Price 750 ml : 35.50$

How to drink Grande Bagosse

A vodka is tasted like a whiskey. It is suggested to drink very small sips at a time.

Barley will give a nice roundness in the mouth while a sweet taste of rye will appear in the final.


The Grande Bagosse Al Capone is a nod to the Bas-Saint-Laurent farmers. During the alcohol prohibition period, some farmers kept part of their barley and rye crop to make alcohol.

This contraband alcohol crossed the United States to Rivière-Bleue or was sent on the St. Lawrence River to the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.