Grande Hermine


London International Wine and Spirit Competition

London International Wine and Spirit Competition

Bronze 2018

Denver International Spirits

Bronze 2018

Grande Hermine

Pastis Bas-Laurentien

The Grande Hermine is a pastis inspired by the “pastis de Marseille” style. The first ingredient in importance is the star anise which gives it a very good taste of licorice. This pastis is designed without any form of coloring, no artificial flavor and no added sugar. All the flavor of this pastis comes only from natural ingredients macerated and distilled.

In the production of the Grande Hermine pastis, the distillery cultivates the caraway whose wild seeds come from Kamouraska. The caraway has a very aniseed and minty taste. Agastache, a plant that is native to western Canada, is also grown in the gardens of Saint-Arsène.

Type : Pastis

45% alc. / vol.

Availability : according to the harvests

Price 750 ml : 50.00$


The star anise is dominant followed by an herbaceous touch that comes from the agastache. A slightly minty finish comes from the caraway and brings freshness notes on the finish.


Named after the main ship of Jacques Cartier’s second crossing, the Grande Hermine is a pastis inspired by the “pastis de Marseille” style. One of the ingredients used in its manufacture, the caraway, was introduced in North America by the first Europeans.

At the time, in order to stabilize the ships for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, it was customary to fill the calluses with sand and rocks. Approaching the coasts, to avoid the Saint-Laurent shoals, the sailors had to lighten the ship, and rejected this excess weight to the sea. Thus developed on the American coasts, new varieties of plants originating from Europe.