Lady Chaga

Lady Chaga

Acadian Pale Ale

Lady Chaga in an APA (Acadian Pale Ale) 6% alc./vol. A hoppy, moderately-strong, very well attenuated pale ale with a dry finish and a hoppy aroma and flavor.

Type : Acadian Pale Ale

6 % acl./vol.

Availability : Special product, available at La Brokerie

Price 750 ml : 10.29


Amber in color, clear. Moderate-sized, persistent head stands with off-white color.



A moderate hop aroma of floral, spicy-peppery, citrus-orange. A slightly grassy dry-hop aroma. A moderately-low caramel-like malt is present. Moderate fruitiness.



Hop flavor is medium, with a moderate to assertive hop bitterness. The hop flavor is similar to the aroma (floral, spicy-peppery, citrus-orange, and/or slightly grassy). Malt flavor is medium, and somewhat bready, with light biscuit-like, toasty, toffee-like and/or caramelly aspects. Medium-low fruitiness. Finish is medium-dry and the bitterness lingers into the aftertaste. The balance is toward the hops, but the malt is noticeable in support.



Smooth, medium-light bodied mouthfeel with small hop-derived astringency, although moderate carbonation combines to render an overall semi-dry sensation despite a supportive malt presence.

Generally American versions have a more intense and less fruity / caramel hops finish than British pale ales and bitters. Has less hop intensity and a more pronounced malt flavor than typical American versions.


We have used Chaga, a medicinal mushroom used as a traditional remedy in Russia and other North-European countries for centuries. It is notable in old-style folklore medicine as cancer therapy.