Monarque Rouge

Monarque Rouge

Cranberry liqueur

Liqueur made from cranberry juice containing:

– No added sugar;

– No sulfite;

– No added coloring;

– No stabilizing product.

Type : Cranberry liqueur

20% acl. / vol.

Availability : Regular product available in New Brunswick Liquor stores and in our boutique in Petit-Paquetville

Price 750 ml : 25.49$


To really appreciate the fruity taste of Monarque Rouge, try it in three small sips. The first wil lbe acidic and astringent, the second will be acidic but with a neutral fruit finish. In the third sip, the fruity taste will be dominant with a well balanced acidity. 

Enjoyed over ice, with sparkling water, or with champagne in a kir royal. It lends itself very well to many cocktails.


Neutral fruit (cranberry) dominates


Dark red


Astringent and dry but over time a strong fruity taste takes the lead


Cranberry with fruity finish

Why monarque rouge

The color of cranberry juice is reminiscent of the red “Rouge” of royalty, hence Red Monarch. Cranberry has a taste that is unique and that’s why this fruit’s lovers  love this liqueur, since we do not add any sugar. It lends itself very well to many cocktails.