Stella Maris

Stella Maris

Bière de garde

The Stella Maris is a Bière de garde 7.5% alc./vol. A fairly strong, malt-accentuated, artisanal beer. Malty yet dry, with a medium sweetness sensation and a smooth character.

Type : Bière de garde

7.5 % acl./vol.

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Price 750 ml : 10.21 $


Reddish bronze. Clarity is fair, although haze is not unexpected in this type as it is an unfiltered beer. Off-white head with an average persistence.



Prominent malty sweetness, with a complex, light toasty-bready-rich malt character. Low esters. Little hop aroma (may be a bit spicy, fruity). Has light, spicy alcohol notes as it warms.



Medium malt flavor with a toasty-rich, cookie, toffee-like or light caramel-sweet character. Low esters and alcohol flavors. Medium-low hop bitterness provides some support, but the balance is tilted toward the malt.

The malt flavor lasts into the finish, which is sweet. Low hop flavor (spicy, peppery, or fruity). Smooth, with Lager character, although made with Ale yeast. Aftertaste of malt with some sweetness and light alcohol.



Medium body, with a smooth, creamy-silky character. Moderate-low carbonation. Moderate alcohol warming, but very smooth and not hot/spicy.


This beer is in honor of the star that is in the starry tricolor flag of the Acadian people. Red represents the suffering of the martyred people; white innocence of manners that the Acadian people should strive to maintain; blue, their faith in the future in the survival, and the gold star is a rallying point and a demonstration to all the peoples of the Acadians’ devotion.

Inspired by the French beer style called “Bière de Garde” that can be translated as “Beer to Keep”. It’s a malty sweet beer made from French malt and French hop, the beer has 7.5% alc./vol., on lees. In France they are very proud of the different regions and alcohol often has an appellation of the region where it’s made (Cognac, Champagne, etc). This is the reason why this style has been named Bière de Garde Région d’Acadie.