San Francisco World Spirit Competition

San Francisco World Spirit Competition

2013 Silver

International Spirits Challenge

2013 Bronze



Anise and vanilla spirit. Corn alcohol is redistilled in the presence of various botanicals including green anise, star anise, fennel and vanilla bean in a 300-liter copper still. The high alcohol content allows us to trap more aromas.

Type : Pastis

65% acl. / vol.

Availability : Regular product available in New Brunswick Liquor stores and in our boutique in Petit-Paquetville

Price 750 ml : 55.99$


Mix one part Thério with five parts water. The mixture will form a white emulsion because some essential oils are less soluble in water than in alcohol.


Anise with light vanilla


Clear with slight coloring due to vanilla pods


The anise is dominant but eventually but ends with a slight vanilla flavor


Anethole, from anis, is perceived to be sweet, but there is no sugar in this spirit

Why Thério?

Thério (spelled Thériault) is the surname of the co-owner, Diane. The Thériault are among the first arrivals to settle in New France. A large number of Thériault have lived in the vicinity of the distillery for generations, in Petit-Paquetville.