Vieille Bagosse

Vieille Bagosse

Aged vodka

Our version of the Bagosse, aged one year in oak barrels that previously contained American Bourbon.

Type : Aged Vodka

40% acl. / vol.

Availability : Only available at the Distillerie Fils du Roy boutique in Petit-Paquetville

Price 750 ml : 35.00$


Has a creamy, sweet and grainy odor with perfumes of oak and bourbon


Soft, creamy and smooth with oak and bourbon notes

Why “vieille bagosse”?

Bagosse comes from the word bagasse, the fibrous residue of sugar cane that has been milled to extract the suger or the solid residue remaining after the pressing of wine after fermentation. It is said that formerly, individual would make the “wine of poor” or bagosse by mixing hot water with bagasse from grapes. The term is now used as a synonym for “Moonshine” in the Acadian French.

Our version has been aged one year in oak barrels which previously contained American bourbon.