The gin Rocher Malin is distilled with several herbs, which is reflected in its very botanical taste. A lemony cucumber taste accompanied by a light saline touch that goes perfectly with dill. The balance of aromatics gives all the finesse to this exceptional product.


A long time ago, during a violent storm, a schooner lost anchorage and crashed near the Rocher Malin. The tragedy left only one or two survivors, who put their companions in the ground near this rock, located in the region of Rivière-du-Loup, at the entrance to the old road to Acadia. During the prohibition of alcohol in the 1900s, bootlegger took advantage of the sinking history to make this place a strategic place, telling that the Malin Rock was haunted by the deceased crew to keep passersby.

Today, we remember the shipwrecked by cultivating in our gardens the Scottish lovage that grew naturally near this rock. And we water the lovage with the salty water of the river before each harvest which gives to this gin its salt taste, like a tear.