Grande Bagosse


San Francisco World Spirit Competition

San Francisco World Spirit Competition

2016 Silver

Grande Bagosse


The Grande Bagosse is a very modern and well calibrated version, allowing us to show you our know-how in the production of spirits.

Type : Vodka

40% acl. / vol.

Availability : Regular product available in New Brunswick liquor stores and in our boutique in Petit-Paquetville

Price 750 ml : 26.48$

Price 50 ml : 3.49$


Creamy, sweet grainy odor.




Soft, creamy and smooth.

Sensation on the palate

Sweet alcohol, without hot burning sensation.

Why Grande Bagosse?

‘Bagasse’ represents the residual fibers or peels left over after fermentation of wine or sugar cane. Formerly, some would mix this bagasse with water, reason why it was called commonly the ‘wine of poor’ or Bagosse. In a not so distant past, when the price of alcohol became too high, our ancestors created alcohol with the means they had.

The people that were making their own alcohol were commonly referred to as the ‘’bagosseux’’. This was the case in Petit-Paquetville where there were three “bagosseux” competing for how to make the best moonshine.