Gin Thuya


This London dry gin has been awarded many international medals and has become an emblem of Acadian spirits.

Corn alcohol redistilled with Thuja occidentalis, juniper berries, and various other herbs like coriander.

It’s not just a gin, it’s like a walk in a coniferous forest!

% Alc. / Vol.

Why Thuya?

Scurvy hit Jacques Cartier and his men during his second trip to Canada in 1535-1536 and 25 of his 110 men died. He was himself affected. He didn’t want to reveal the state of health of his men for fear that Aboriginal people would take advantage of their weakness, but the situation was deteriorating with the arrival of winter. He was forced to ask for their help.

The natives administered to the sick men an infusion made with the leaves of a local conifer that they call annedda or aneda. Today it is known under the name Canadian Cedar or Thuja Occidentalis. The healing was fast, in just a few days, some of his men deemed dead were ready again for exploration. Cartier named this miraculous botanic arborvitae, latin for ‘tree of life’ and he made a great case for it on his return to France.


Juniper, coriander, with hint of cardamom, cinnamon and lemon.

Additional information

Weight 1.104 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm

50 mL, 750 mL


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